Sydney Sunset


Sydney is a city littered with iconic sights. Listed from one travel guide to the next, Sydney holidays never leave you in danger of visiting and somehow missing the Opera House. Shame really. There’s all sorts of intriguing stuff Sydney’s got planned for you, if only you weren’t distracted by those miraculously glittering waters in the harbour. While you’re there though, do look out for the aboriginal whale carving. Lying in plain sight, its a treasure worth finding. Not to give too much away, but Sydney’s secrets just keep coming.

Hidden mangroves, secret gardens and an ornate station with a distinctly macabre history. That’s the Sydney you won’t find at the top of a shiny skyscraper. Not that we dislike an urban landscape. After all, in Sydney, that’s where you’ll find meals that make the 24 hour flight more than worth it. Though, word of warning, there are some plates that may well make you file for an Aussie passport. Then there’s the beaches. Over 100 at the last count. No wonder Sydney’s a city that loves a festival. Oh, by the way, do pop to the Australian Museum to visit Eric. He’s had quite the time of it over the last hundred million years.

Chinatown Sydney

Get down to Sydney’s Chinatown: a complete guide

No two Chinatowns are cut from the same cloth and some, such as Sydney’s, are a cut above the rest.
Sydney’s first Chinese citizens stepped foot on its shores in the 1800s and today around 10% of the city’s residents claim Chinese heritage. It’s this deep-rooted culture that makes Sydney’s Chinatown particularly authentic, whether you’re slurping broth from a Cantonese hot pot or sipping on some bubble tea.