Bohemian to its core and a mecca for both beer lovers and architecture geeks, Prague is steeped in history, yet remains an incredibly modern city. There’s everything from ancient castles to chic bars within the city limits, as well as all the amenities you’d expect from a thriving metropolitan centre. Getting from A to B in the city is a breeze, as it has one of the expansive and reliable public transport networks in Europe, even with the historic centre of the city being a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui

Bangkok is a city of extremes: come in from the airport via the MRT and you’ll see the politest and most reserved of Thai culture, as everybody stands in neatly formed queues to wait for the workers to clean the carriages. Being spat out into the bustling heat of the Phra Nakhon district is the opposite: a kind of chaotic freedom as locals and tourists eat, drink, and banter away. Although it may all seem disordered at first, you eventually begin to see the rules by which this city operates, and soon you’ll be crossing roads as scooters beep and drive around you without a second thought.

Big Buddah

Spot the difference: Koh Samui vs Phuket

So, you fancy spending your free time on a tropical Thai island – but is it going to be Phuket or Koh
Samui ? They’re the coconut-drinking, Pad-Thai-eating, Full-Moon-Party-loving nation’s two largest
isles and both are jam-packed with affordable allures that’ll help take your holiday from zero to