Paragliding in Tenerife

Seeking thrills in Tenerife

Whether you’re a full on thrill seeker or just looking for something a little more than a fly and flop
fortnight, Tenerife’s laid on some top notch activities for you. From a quick whizz around a very
impressive go kart track to a gluteus maximus clenching paraglide over valleys and forests, this
Canary Island is an adrenaline boosting nook in the Atlantic that ’ s well worth your time. Options
are numerous, so naturally we’ve done some of the heavy lifting in terms of research, reading and
deliberating. Combing the island we ’ ve laid out our best finds below. Hop on a quad, shin up a
boulder, set a personal best on the track or soar through the air. Of course, how you get your
Tenerife kicks is up to you. But it would be a shame to miss out on some of these while rifling
through your poolside page turner…