Sardinia landscape

Battle of the islands: Sardinia vs Corsica 

Despite technically being different countries, Sardinia and Corsica share a similar heritage thanks to their handy locations in the centre of the Mediterranean. They both consider themselves to be distinct from the landmasses they’re governed by, and both are a real melting pot of primarily European and North African cultures, although given their historic importance as parts of trade routes the influences could be from anywhere. If you’re deciding on which one of these sunny islands to visit for your next break, then we’re here to help. It’s the battle of the islands: Corsica v Sardinia.

Sardinia surfing

A water sports guide to Sardinia 

Being an island, it’s no surprise that Sardinia loves water sports. Scuba divers, snorkellers, windsurfers and paddlers of all stripes will have plenty to keep them occupied in the waters surrounding the island, and the diverse landscape means the island has choppy seas perfect for more adrenaline pumping water sports and calm waters for those looking to explore the local marine wildlife. When you combine this with some of the most pristine and beautiful shoreline to hang out on after you’re done in the ocean, the island seems like a water sports paradise.

Sardinia flamingos

Spotlight on: Sardinia’s Flamingos

It’s fair to say that Lisbon and Porto have a lot in common; they’re both full of historic architecture, both have riverside views, great food and a bustling nightlife. And, of course, they’re both impressively hilly. So, what’s the real difference between Lisbon and Porto, and which one offers the most for visitors?

Sardinia Chia beach

The secrets of Sardinia’s beaches and bays

Long seen as having the best beaches in Europe, it’s no wonder than sun seekers and lazy loungers love Sardinia, its bright white sands, and seas that are the platonic ideal of the colour blue. However, even on an island where every beach is great in its own right, there are some which rise above the rest. The best beaches in Sardinia aren’t always the most secluded, but they are always unforgettable. 

Cape Town beach

Cape Town

Bohemian to its core and a mecca for both beer lovers and architecture geeks, Prague is steeped in history, yet remains an incredibly modern city. There’s everything from ancient castles to chic bars within the city limits, as well as all the amenities you’d expect from a thriving metropolitan centre. Getting from A to B in the city is a breeze, as it has one of the expansive and reliable public transport networks in Europe, even with the historic centre of the city being a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Cape Town great white shark

Shark diving in Cape Town 

Holding your breath as a great white passes in front of you is a sharp thrill rarely matched outside a steel cage submerged in South African waters. And, Cape Town, and some nearby coastline, is THE place to make your super predator dreams come true. Even if you don’t get in the water, watching the chunky shadows snake up the chum trail gets your heart beating faster than you thought possible.