phuket Wat Khao Rang

Temple Hopping in Phuket

The sheer number of Phuket temples and shrines can be a bit daunting if you’re an amateur anthropologist keen on learning about the religious and spiritual history of the island. But let’s face it, the simple fact is that unless your holiday is based only around seeing all Phuket temples, you won’t be able to. With that being said, you can definitely see a wide range of designs and motifs that show off the sheer breadth of amazing places of worship without having to scour the entire island.

phuket loch palm

Tee off in Phuket

If you’re a keen golfer and you want to experience the best golf courses in Phuket (and, some might say, Thailand), then look no further: we’re ready to tee off into the wonderful world of Phuket golf.

phuket gibbon rescue

A Guide to Phuket’s Ethical Animal Sanctuaries

Part of what makes Thailand, and Phuket, such an incredible place to visit is the abundance and variety of wildlife that calls the region home. Of course, the best way to see any animal is in the wild or on a proper reserve, but that isn’t always possible or safe. Moreover, many animals have been horribly exploited for both labour and tourism, so can no longer survive without human help either: that’s where sanctuaries come in. However, when you are choosing which sanctuary to visit you have to be careful, as there are a number of unscrupulous and even downright abusive businesspeople masquerading as sanctuaries.


A guide to Muay Thai in Phuket

If you’re keen on attaining the eye of the tiger and getting more involved in the sport of Muay Thai during your Phuket break there are ample opportunities to do so. From singular sessions at Muay Thai gyms to full on, monthlong camps, there’s plenty of chances to see why so many people love it.