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We at Orbzii believe in starting the day right, and for us that means an incredible breakfast…followed by a delicious brunch. In Copenhagen there is a glut of excellent morning eateries, offering up international breakfasts, unique takes on local classics, and Danish delicacies you won’t find in many other places. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just want to bust your gut with a hearty breakfast, there’ll be something to astound you in the cafes and restaurants that make up the breakfast and brunch scene in the Danish capital. Here are some of our favourites. 

The Laundromat Cafe

Technically a chain as it has four locations across the city, The Laundromat café is a breakfast in Copenhagen must, with incredibly reasonable prices for really high-quality food. They serve up standard breakfast fare, sweet and savoury, and on weekends they extend the breakfast menu into brunch.  

The rye bread is a must-have if you visit here; made using local techniques, it’s the perfect blend of crunch and soft, and the malty flavour adds to every dish it’s paired with. If you’re not up for breakfast but want an earlier meal, their burger and sandwich menu starts from 11.30am, and is full of some beautiful combinations as well as classics. Cheap, cheerful, and accessible, if you want an easy meal without losing the quality, head here. 



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Sankt Peders Bageri

Lookwe’re not saying that breakfast without baked goods is incomplete, but if you go to the Danish capital and don’t grab a cinnamon roll from Sankt Peders Bageri, you’re really not doing breakfast in Copenhagen right. As Copenhagen’s oldest bakery, they’ve spent decades perfecting local delicacies, the favourite being the aforementioned cinnamon rolls, or Wednesday Snails as they’re affectionately known. The bakery sells thousands of them every midweek, which shows you the quality of the product. 

They also sell savoury products and brew excellent coffee, so you can satiate your sweet tooth as well as perk yourself up for the day ahead, a plan made doubly easy by the central location of the bakeryThere’s a reason why this is one of the most popular foodie spots in a city full of innovative, delicious cuisine, and you’d be loath to not try and find out why.  


Possibly the best breakfast in Copenhagen (and the best brunch in Copenhagen, too), Sidecar NØRREBRO is home to the famous Brunch Board, consisting of both sweet and savoury dishes, as well as some Danish bacon and sausages to give it a local twist. Vegans in Copenhagen will also appreciate the Vegan Board, which is an innovative take on the meat-free breakfast, utilising some really interesting flavour combinations like picked turmeric in the cauliflower, and beetroot dust over the white bean and sundried tomato spread. If you just want a snack, sandwiches and other baked goods are made fresh on the premises, from scratch, as well as standard breakfast classics.

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On the weekend, the menu changes to be more brunch friendly, ideal for those looking to brunch in Copenhagen. This change of menu means there are four different set breakfasts, and you can order them until 2.30, so even if you’re looking for a late breakfast after a night at the bodegas you won’t be left feeling hungry and hungover. 

Brunch with fruit, bread and juice
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Wulff & Konstali

A classier affair than some, Wulff & Konstali are known for having one of the best brunch menus in Copenhagen, delivering breakfast classics alongside local delicacies, with a bit more of a focus on locally sourced fish than some of the other restaurants on this list. Despite the refined surrounding and high-quality food, the restaurant works in a tapas style. The menu is seasonal and there’s something for everyone, so vegans in Copenhagen (and other dietary requirements) will be well catered for here. 

There are 23 different components to choose from, and everything is made on site, from scratch, including the freshly baked sourdough bread. The food itself is wonderfully presented, and service is both quick and friendly, but this does mean that it can get crowded during busy times. However, there’s usually not too long wait for a table as the service is highly professional and rapid, although you’ll never feel rushed to leave by the polite, smiling staff. If you are in a rush you can get pastries to go too, so there’s something at this Copenhagen brunch spot for everyone. 


Being Vegan in Copenhagen is surprisingly easy, given how meat-obsessed the Danes generally are. Grønnere makes sure the high standards of food that apply to most Copenhagen hotspots are also employed with plant-based dishes, serving up some of the best breakfast and brunch in Copenhagen without any of the cruelty.  

With a focus on sustainability, everything that can be made fresh and from scratch on the premises is done so. Although small, the non-bakery menu is a combination of local dishes reworked to be meat free, and other delicious vegan optionsThe bakery and café also doubles as a sustainable shop, so you stuff yourself with delicious food while saving the world. What more could you want from a delicious breakfast? 

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Dyrehaven Café

Open for over a decade, this Copenhagen institution is one for both regulars and visitors alike. Turning into a pub at night, you could spend the whole day here drinking wonderful coffee, wolfing down excellent meals, and sipping on pints, and you wouldn’t feel like you wasted of a day. The building itself has been a pub for over a century, and the vibe and aesthetic is exactly what you’d expect from that history.  

The breakfast menu has the usual breakfast options on it, plus some Danish delicacies like Curry Herring and ‘Potato Food’, a mixture of boiled potatoes, smoked cheese mayo, chives, pickles, and fried onions, and a locally baked rye bread. If you’re looking to have a delicious breakfast while steeped in local history, then there really aren’t many better places than Dyrehaven to go in the capital city. 

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